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Empress Sisi and Emperor Franz Joseph

The k.u.k. Love Story

The imperial town of Bad Ischl is marked by the love story between the young Emperor Franz Joseph I and the graceful Elisabeth Princess of Bavaria, known as Sisi. In 1853, the 23-year-old monarch became engaged to Elisabeth, who was only 15 years old, and the following year the wedding was celebrated in Vienna. Empress Sophie's wedding gift to the young couple was the Kaiservilla in Bad Ischl.

In the Kaiservilla one can still visit the original preserved chambers where Empress Elisabeth spent the summer months, where Emperor Franz Joseph reigned and finally triggered World War I in 1914 by declaring war on Serbia. It was here that he wrote down his motivations in the manifesto "To My People." During a 45-minute guided tour, visitors can feel the special flair of times gone by and learn interesting and personal facts about the life of the imperial family.

The Emperor's Villa is surrounded by the extensive Imperial Park, which also houses the Marmorschlössl, Elisabeth's former teahouse.

Off to the Kaiservilla


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